Providing Innovative Solutions for better and cost effective health care

Health care delivery management, efficiency, and cost reduction is an on-going debate and a subject studied and continue to be studied by commissions, task forces, panels, and forums set up by governments and private interest groups.

In order to constructively participate in this debate, we at Mobecomm focus on two main areas of health care delivery which are guided by the following principles:

  • Early detection means life
  • Seamless electronic access to patient information is essential for efficient and cost effective delivery of health care services

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    Mobecomm Inc., based in Montreal, Canada, is a leading provider of innovative solutions for the health industry. Mobecomm's main focus lies in providing solutions for early detection of Breast Cancer along with a comprehensive management system for health care providers.

    Mobecomm's strength lies in its dedicated and customer-oriented team that possesses exceptional technical and domain-related expertise, and is backed by professional project management skills and a visionary leadership.